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From: Xavier Lancaster
Subject: Forced ShowerForced Shower
by Xavier LThis is a fictional story containing sex between a teen and his preteen
brother. If you have a hard time separating fantasy from reality, or if
this theme turns you off, you shouldn't continue reading.If you are interested in my other stories, you can find them listed in the
Authors section under XavierL
( you have ideas or fantasies you'd like to see turned into stories, feel
free to email me.Please email me with if you'd like to be notified when there are new
stories or updates to existing ones at
I could hear Dad yelling at my 11-year-old brother Alex as I undressed in
the bathroom to jump in the shower. I was feeling especially horny. Okay,
more than a 16-year-old usually is. My cock was already half hard in
anticipation of a nice shower wank. I got in the shower and started
stroking when suddenly I felt cool air and heard the shower curtain open.
"What the fuck?" I yelled. I turned around to see 12 preteen vagina Alex equally nude and
entering the shower. He didn't look happy either."Dad said I had to take a shower with you because we don't have time to
wait because you `take too fuckin' long'.""Fucking bullshit," I said as Alex grabbed some soap and started washing.
I wasn't just pissed off about the intrusion and having to take a shower
with my fucking brother, but I really needed a release badly. I closed my
eyes and bent my head backward under the hot water stream. As I started
washing my hair, my eyes snapped open in shock as I felt a foreign hand on
my dick. "What . . . what are you doing?" I asked as I looked down and
watched Alex's hand stroking my dick."It was almost hard, and I knew you were jerking before I stepped in."My cock was rock hard already. "But . . . dude," I protested. I knew I
should stop him, but at the same time goddamn it felt good! I needed to
feel like I had really tried to stop him, though. "Alex," I began, but I
stopped as I watched his open mouth moving toward my groin. A shiver
passed through me as his lips slid over the tip of my meat. Before I could
say anything at all, he was blowing me eagerly.Finally I managed to speak. "Let me sit down," was all I could say. He
released my flesh and moved around me as we traded places. I sat on the
corner of the shower where there was a small platform to put your soap and
shit was available. I shoved the bottles to the side and sat down, my legs
wide open. Alex's light brown hair moved between my legs as he knelt down.
I felt my balls in his mouth. He sucked on them briefly before returning
to my dick.Now I've been blown before. Several times actually. But none of those
girls was as good as my little brother. Okay their technique might have
been better, but he was so fucking eager. He sucked my cock like he needed
it as badly as air to breathe. sexy xxx preteen No bitch ever sucked dick like that! I was
sure he would even swallow.I relaxed as he continued working my rod. After a while I felt confident
enough to push his head down more. He devoured my meat and I started
shoving his head down harder. He wasted no time in trying to go down
further each time. I began guiding his head faster as my orgasm built
rapidly. Part of me wanted to slow him down to enjoy this more, but all I
could really focus on right now was how badly I needed to unload. Within
moments I was biting my lower lip as my climax hit full throttle. I didn't
even have to hold his head or beg. He greedily swallowed my load as it
flooded his mouth.When he had swallowed every drop, he let go of my cock and stood up. I saw
his hard dick and watched him begin to jerk it. I figured what the hell,
and so I reached out and took hold of his cock. I stroked him quickly. I
smiled at the look on his face, his eyes closed with pleasure. I sped up
and soon I felt his meat twitching in my hand. I didn't really notice much
of a load so didn't know if he could cum, but his meat was spasming like he
could."Fuck that was good, Alex!" I said as he turned around and grabbed his
washcloth. I stared at his toned backside. I asked for the cloth and
soaped his back for him. I spent a little extra time on his ass. It
hypnotized me as my fingers kneaded his small round cheeks. My father's
yelling for us to hurry snapped me out of my near trance.We rinsed, dried model preteens sex off, and got dressed hurriedly so as not to piss Dad off.
Things were a little awkward between my brother and I as we drove to pick
up our mother and then go to preteen model swimwear the dumb party we had to go to. Luckily when
we got to the house their kids were home and had a PlayStation 3. That
seemed to take care of the weird tension. At least for a while. By the
time we were back in the russian incest preteens
car, it had returned. We got home and went to our
room and got ready for bed. After nonnude preteen boys
the lights were out for a few minutes,
Alex's voice split the silence. "Kevin, you awake still?""Yeah."He came over to my bed and sat down. "Are we okay? Are you mad at me?""Mad? Dude! That was an awesome blowjob.""Really? So that was okay?"I was stunned, but he couldn't see my shock in the dark. "I'm getting hard
just talking about nude preteen virgins man. We're totally cool."He sat silently for a few moments. "You're sexy preteen honeys
hard?""Yeah, man. Doesn't take much," I said chuckling nervously. I rested my
hand on his bare leg reassuringly.More silence before he finally replied "Can I do it again?"I shoved my hands under the blankets and began pushing my boxers down as I
said "Come get it, bro!" He got up and pulled the sheets back as I
maneuvered my underwear off. I flung my boxers aside and lay back with my
legs spread jailbait preteen gallery
wide. Apparently he wanted it as bad as I did because as soon
as my right leg moved, I felt his lips on my meat and he began sucking
greedily.I reached out and felt his preteen asian top cotton-clad ass. I rubbed it briefly and then
moved my hand to the front, running my fingers against the outline of his
hard dick. He sped up and took more of my rod into his mouth as I
stimulated him. I moved my hand to the waistband and pulled his briefs
down preteen or nymphets to his thighs. He moved his legs so that they slipped further down. I
slowly stroked his hard cock as he slobbered on mine. "Can you get it cute preteen foot all
in your mouth?" I asked hopefully.I felt his mouth descend on my cock further, but he gagged so he stopped.
"Come on, Alex," I said and moved my free hand to his head and began urging
it down as I pumped with my hips. After a few moments of this, I released
his dick and grabbed his head with that hand, too. Between my pushing his
head down, my thrusts upward, and the gagging getting better, at one point
he finally had my cock buried in his throat. "Oh fuck that's good!
Goddamn!" I said encouragingly.As he continued giving me an incredible blowjob, I was so fucking horny I
would've probably done anything. I told him to lay down, and I moved over
as we lay on our sides. I liked being able to guide my cock back and forth
in his mouth. I ran my thumb across the tip of his dick and felt him
shudder. With my eyes adjusted to the night, I could see his cock better.
As his amazing mouth worked my rock hard dick, I found myself devouring his
cock as well. When he felt his meat enter my mouth, he went crazy on my
rod.With his increased frenzy, the fire of my lust exploded. I rolled him onto
his back and started fucking his face eagerly as I sucked his cock
fiercely. I could feel my orgasm rising rapidly. He was relaxed enough
that I could shove my dick in nice and deep. Once I was at the edge of
climax, though, I could no longer suck his dick. All my attention was
focused on my hips shoving my straining meat down his throat. When my
orgasm finally hit, he swallowed rapidly to keep up with the flow.I moved to my side because I didn't think he could handle all my weight.
He followed my dick, and I returned to blowing him. When his hips began
pumping wildly, I figured he was close. Shortly after that I felt his dick
twitching. There was a little bit of saltiness, sexy preteen honeys
but nothing like my load.After he finished releasing his load, he thanked me for blowing him, too.
"Don't get too used to it," I replied."Can . . . can I sleep with you tonight?" he asked.I thought about it. It was just too weird. I mean getting blown was one
thing. Sleeping together? I wasn't ready for something like that. fuck sex preteen He
understood, said good night and went to his bed. The next thing I
remembered the stupid alarm clock was going off. I got up and took a piss.
While I was at the sink, Alex came in and did the same. When he was done,
he came up behind me and gave me a preteen nonnude pictures hug. "Hey buddy," I responded.
Impulsively preteen asian top
he kissed my back. It took me a bit by surprise, but my groin
started tingling.I turned around in his arms and hugged him back. I felt his lips on my
nipples. "Dude, you're gonna get me hard," I warned. Not that I wanted
him to stop, but we preteens sexz did have to get ready for school. Okay so I really
just didn't want to admit he was turning me on and that I didn't want him
to stop. I felt his hand on my growing meat. I moved a hand to his head
and rubbed his brown hair as he sucked on my nipples. I felt his head
moving down and released my grip and watched his retreating head as he
moved to his knees.I relished the feeling of my dick sinking into the moist heat of his model preteens sex mouth.
I looked down and caught him gazing up at me as my cock moved back and
forth in his mouth. I smiled and gripped the back of his head and plunged
it forward. "Fuck!" I said as my horny preteenn pics cock was embraced by his throat. "We
need to make this quick so Dad doesn't come in," I said and began guiding
his head faster. As my cock slammed into his throat repeatedly, he grabbed
my ass and took over the movement greedily. "Oh gawd Alex!" I said as I
began fucking his mouth faster. "Yes! Suck my cock, bro!" He continued
working my meat hard and fast and in seemingly no time I felt my jizz
exploding into his mouth. He swallowed it eagerly, and I loved him even
more for it.After swallowing it he stood up, hugged me again, and then went to the sink
and got a drink of water. I was still hot from my orgasm. I moved behind
him, reached around and grabbed his dick and started stroking him rapidly.
He melted into me, and I found myself sucking on his neck and kissing his
cheek. I loved the feel preteens sexz
of his shivering body pressed against mine, my
cock caressing his ass. He came quickly, and I maintained a firm grip on
his dick as it twitched.When I released his dick, he turned around facing me. We stared into each
other's eyes, and I felt a sense of electricity. I saw my face nearing
his, and the next thing I knew my tongue was in his mouth. He kissed me
back feverishly. That is until a knock at the door made us both jump.
"Get a move on it boys!" sounded Dad's voice as he pierced our moment.We responded in unison and came out of the bathroom as soon as we heard our
room's door close again. We got dressed hurriedly. As he took hold of the
door knob, I grabbed him and spun him around. I shoved him against the
door and once again had my tongue down his throat. As I ended the kiss, I
took his lower lip in my teeth and slightly tugged it. Then I whispered in
his ear: "I'm picking up after school.""Okay," he answered still almost breathless.We ate breakfast, and Dad took him to school. Classes moved so fucking
slow that day! I couldn't wait to jump into my car and pick him up. When
I pulled up at the school and saw him, my dick twitched in recognition. As
we drove I asked him about the shower dick sucking. cute preteen foot "Well, my friend Jimmy
had found some magazines. cute preteen foot We were looking at them, and it showed two guys
sucking dick. As we looked, I felt his hand on my crotch. I was scared,
but it also felt good. One thing lead to another, and we ended abercrombie preteen models
up blowing
each other.""Hot," preteen pussy ing was all I could say. Normally it would've grossed me out, but I
enjoyed his lips on my cock way too much to not find it hot now. "What
else was in the magazine?"His pale nonnude preteen org flushed and he paused before answering. "Well, one of the guys
had . . . well, he had his dick in the other guy's butt.""Yeah? He was fucking him? Did you guys try that?" I asked, my dick now
pushing nude preteenz against my jeans. When he didn't respond, I repeated the question."Well . . . we were gonna try, but I chickened out."My dick twitched. We pulled up to the house, and I readjusted my cock which
he saw. We walked in and set our stuff down. He went to the fridge to
grab a snack. I stared at his butt and thought about what he had said
while reminding myself of the vision of his naked ass. My cock twitched
again. By the time he was shutting the door, I was on him, my tongue
driving into his mouth as I rubbed my crotch against him. preteen movie models When I finally
let him come up for air, I said "Room. Now." I spun on my heels and
headed to our bedroom.As soon as I preteen ru mpg was in the room, he was behind me shutting the door. I pinned
him against the door again, his back to me. I was horny as hell, my models preteen elweb
on fire. I sucked on his neck as I undid the buttons on preteen nonnude pictures
his jeans. I
shoved them down followed by his briefs. I took hold of his dick and
slowly stroked it as I gently bit his shoulder. "You are so fucking hot!"
I said honestly.I released his stiff meat and quickly undid my pants, dropping both my
jeans and my boxers. I pressed my groin against his bare ass as I stripped
out of my shirt. I tossed my shirt and grabbed his hips. As he pulled his
T-shirt off I ground my pelvis against his backside. He pushed his butt
against me, and I knew for sure I would get to fuck him. I moved a finger
to his hole. He moaned loudly as I pushed it into his ass. "Let me fuck
you, Alex. I want to be your first.""Yes! Do it!" he begged.I moved off him, and he rushed to my bed. Like every good teenage boy, I
have condoms and those little packets of lube they hand out in my backpack.
I pulled out the lube as he sat on the bed and watched me. "How did they
do it in your magazine?" I asked as I spread the fluid on my cock."One guy was on his back, and the other was sitting on his dick," he
replied. "That was how they started out.""Okay," I said and lay on my bed on my back. He eagerly straddled me. He
began sitting down, and of course my cock moved down. I grabbed it and
held it straight while he tried again. This time my cock pushed into his
hole. He froze and his eyes got really big. He paused and then moved off.
"You okay?" I asked."That kind of hurts!"My heart sank. "You wanna stop?""No!" he said brusquely and sat back down on my dick. He sank down a bit
and stopped. I saw the look on his face that he was straining, but this
time he held firm."You are so fucking tight, man!" I said.He sat down some more. My dick desperately wanted to get inside that tight
hole. He moved down again and stopped. "Holy shit! That's way tighter
than pussy." He sank down again. He was biting his lower lip, and I
reached out and began stroking his cock. He moaned again, grit his teeth
and then forced my dick to enter him completely. "Oh my fucking gawd,
Alex!" I exclaimed, grabbing his hips as the ecstasy of his sweet virgin
hole enveloped me. My hips automatically began moving beneath him. His
mouth was agape in what seemed to be pleasure. Soon he was raising and
lowering his body in rhythm with mine. "I so fucking love you Alex!" I
said high from the sensations he was sending through me.He picked up sunny preteen
the pace, and I was quickly bucking his ass. "Goddamn! Ride
my cock, Alex. Ride it!" He sped up, and soon I was screaming "I'm gonna
cum!" I only lasted a few more seconds.As my dick twitched in his hole, I grabbed him and pulled him to me. I
kissed him hungrily as my rod continued unloading in his ass. We kissed
only a short time before he was moving backward to sit up straight. When
we finally separated, we jumped into the shower together and got cleaned
up. Then it was time for homework. I watched him subtly as he worked on
his assignment. I was rethinking his request about sleeping with me
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